2 de janeiro de 2011


O film maker Pietro França, gaúcho de Porto Alegre que hoje vive na conexão Florianópolis/Hossegor, lançou na web mais um clip irado, filmado e editadop pelo próprio Pietro. Desta vez, o vídeo é com o surfista australiano Wade Goodall, em Capbreton, Biarritz, França.

Abaixo as palavras do próprio Pietro, em inglês

The virgin of Capbreton stands close to entrance to the port and watches over sailors entering the wild waters of Biscay. I once nearly became a born again virgin in Capbreton when I got screaming nob rot, couldnt wee without fear of child labour-like agony in my old boy, and had to police up my tackle for about a year. But I got better, and now my fella and gones are doing just great. Anyway, I miss that place. It’s been nearly 3 months since I saw the virgin. Here’s a little clip from Pietro of Wade Goodall’s recent shred affair in Capb that has made me all homesick. I noticed there’s some fresh ‘graff’ on the bunkers. God, I love graff. I think I might hire that guy to come a do a ‘piece’ in my lounge or bedroom when I get back. Sick. It’s so… ‘urban.’ I’d get it floor to ceiling on the wall next where all my awesome ‘Banksy’s’ are hanging. God I love ‘Banksy’. Apparently my mate was once nearly in the same bar as him, ‘back in the day’… how crazy is that?!?

Wade Goodall from Pietro l.f on Vimeo.

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